Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bravery, by N

N had to write a personal narrative tonight. This is what he wrote, on his own, without any assistance. That never happens. Ever. In fact, the insight, the independence...it's all pretty much unprecedented. I just had to share.

(Tiny bit of back story--for those who didn't live through it with me on Twitter in July--is that he went to a six-week inclusion program at a local elementary school last summer. The first day he was so terrified he was practically frozen. I was devastated by how he was--clearly and unequivocally--the most impaired kid in the room that day, despite many of the kids being "his people." I was convinced he would never go back. By the third day, he didn't want it to end. By the second week, he was not only excited to go, but excited to ride the bus home, despite the fact that he's never ridden a school bus in his life. That, too, was unprecedented. He's right. He was so brave.)

When I first went to summer school I was scared. Then after a little while I was not scared anymore. After a few days I started to make some friends even though I am scared of making friends.

I met two new friends named C and G. When we had recess I was scared to sit with C and G but, I did it anyway.

The first time I went on the bus I felt scared but, then I sat with C and I felt much better. There was a bus driver that I did not like. So they changed the bus driver called A who I like very much. That is why I am so brave.