Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Time No Write

God, what is this? What is this thing that keeps getting in my way? How is it that my last blog entry was almost a week ago?

It's not traditional writer's block, I don't think, but something more like it's-too-hard-to-explain block, or maybe "writer's inability to sort through all the feelings and craft them into a coherent narrative."

Plus, it's tiredness. I've had a couple of bouts of insomnia of late, the most recent being Saturday night when, after going to bed at midnight, I awoke from a doze at 1 am, decided to give up and go downstairs at 1:30, and didn't make it back to the Land of Nod until 4:30.

And I wonder why I was a bit snappish on Sunday.

But at least with the insomnia, I know where it's coming from. That is definitely part perimenopause, part million-and-one-things-on-my-mind, part million-and-two-things-to-do, part anxiety attack caused by the million-and-one and million-and-two things. And I can fix that, to some degree. A quarter of a xanax and using the awake time to knock an item or two off the to-do list, and life goes on.

But the not writing, I don't know about. Probably not worth overthinking, though. Probably, it's just summer vacation in my brain. It does, after all, have a mind of its own.

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