Saturday, October 11, 2008

And the Award for Best Actress...

N and I were watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit during our "date night" last night, while Baroy and Em went to see a play at our friends' theater. Jessica Rabbit sauntered out onto the stage in all her "I'm just drawn that way" glory. N's eyes grew wide. Stifling a laugh, I asked him, "Why do you think all the men are watching her like that?"

Not taking his eyes off the screen, he replied, "Because she's beautiful." Tiny pause. "And a good actress."

Yes, honey. I'm sure that's it. It's the acting.

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po said...

Yeah, and Kim Basinger won her Oscar for L.A. Confidential because *she's* such a great actress :p. That one still gets me, because she won thanks to pretty hair and great lighting.