Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Chance for the Gift Card

The AT&T Family Map $100 Visa giftcard giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight, Pacific Time; I'll announce the winner Monday on I Try Things, after the random-number-generator thing does its, um, thing.

If you entered, make sure that I have a valid email address for you; no double entries, though, or you'll be disqualified. If you didn't leave me a valid email and you're regretting it now, send it to me at ihavethings at gmail dot com.

I promise a real entry is coming soon. OK, soonish. I just spent a week in Cleveland for work, and there's just so much other stuff catching up to do. I'm a little, um, fututzed, as they say (but clearly not as they write, because I'm sure that's not even a little bit accurately spelled).

Oh, and to my fellow Members of the Tribe...L'shanah tovah! May the year ahead be sweet and fruitful.

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