Thursday, November 26, 2009


The first time I saw a tree aflame in color after moving to Southern California, I was seriously flummoxed. I'd assumed that the generalizations about LA having no seasons were hard-and-fast, literal rules.

I was wrong. I mean, sure, people aren't ever going to flock to this region to view the fall foliage. For one thing, fall takes its sweet time around here; the trees don't choreograph their color changes in quite the same way they do back east. But they do change, some of them, even if only one by one, and that change still manages to pack an emotional wallop.

The past few weeks have been difficult, stressful. There are meetings and appointments to keep track of; there are continual tear-my-hair-out issues at school; there's a minor surgery for N coming up soon after the new year (minor in the official scale of things, major when it's your kid who's going under anesthesia). There are dips in my mood and peaks in my anxiety levels that will have to be addressed at some point, but need to be put aside for now in lieu of all the rest.

But for today, for now, there's stuff to be thankful for. And while I am--of course, indeed, don't doubt it for a second--grateful for family and friends, for a job and a roof over my head, for all the things I normally take for granted*, right this very second I am especially thankful for the warm fall day that just passed, for the walk I got to take this afternoon with my daughter (during which we giggled so hard she had to sit down to catch her breath), and for the fall colors that smacked me in the face, made all the hard things disappear for a little while, and made me catch my breath, too. In gratitude, awe, and love.

Happy day, all. Be thankful, and be happy.

*Tomorrow morning, while the turkey brines**, Baroy and I will be doing a local Race for the Hungry; our entry fee into this 5K run-walk will go to a local shelter, and we'll donate some canned and boxed goods when we sign in. In so many ways, I feel like it is almost literally the least I can do, and's something. So maybe it's not the least.

**Which it needs to do for about six hours, meaning I have to wake up at 5 a.m. to be sure I can get it into the oven in time for dinner. Whose stupid idea was this whole brining thing anyway? Oh, yeah...Never mind.


Niksmom said...

I had NO idea such breathtaking colors could exist in southern CA! My favorite part of all of this? Thatyou and Em got that walk and giggled so hard she had to stop to catch her breath. You needed that, I know.

Wishing you and your family a day full of peace. And breath-taking laughter. I am so thankful for the chance to get to know you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Love to you and your lovable, precious family.

Leightongirl said...

It's been so pretty here, the most wonderful fall. Thanks for letting those east coasters know about our own brand of foliage.

Mary said...

Next year, try Trader Joe's brined turkey. SO good, and you get to sleep until a reasonable hour!

TC said...

You know, Mary, I thought about that. But for one thing, my 22-pound turkey cost me $7.99 at Vons. (OK, sure, 18 pounds of that is probably chemicals and antibiotics, but still...a deal!) And at TJ's, it would have been close to $50.00.

Also, if I didn't have to wake up ridiculously early to brine the turkey, what would I base my entire Thanksgiving martyrdom on? ;-)

Meg said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope the briney turkey was yummy.

AB said...

Brine??? I throw poultry seasoning on my turkey thighs and throw it in the oven, set the timer and promptly fall asleep and sleep through the timer and had a wonderful soft thigh... today I made a sandwich with mayo, turkey, cranberry sauce (from a can) and stuffing (Stove Top Low Sodium) and a bit more mayo. YUMMMMMMMO. Who needs brine?

Love ya to bits

Your OLD single AB