Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Trying Not to Read Too Deeply Into These

N's been practicing his cursive this summer by writing little stories, completely unprompted. Here are two he handed me just the other day.

I like to call this first one "Em's vocation"

My family is the best family in the whole earth. I love them so much. My uncles and my mommy and daddy does writing, my sister does playing with her friends, and I play golf. The end.

And Baroy likes to call this one "Oedipus Lives"

Mommy you are the best mommy ever. I love you sososososososo much. You are the best mommy ever. I love you. I hate when you and daddy do kissing and sex. The end.

(Just so you don't labor under the impression that we have constant public orgies in my house, N first asked me, "Mommy, do you and daddy do s-e-x?" before writing this. Glad to know he understands the importance of research in writing nonfiction.)


Ambre said...

I hate it when you guys do that too.

AB said...

Well, I am jealous!!!

You go N!!!

pixiemama said...

I... I... I have no idea what to say. Clearly I should never have had children, since I am not at all cut out to talk about doing s-e-x.

AB said...

You need an AB!!! (G)