Friday, September 24, 2010

The Difference a Year Makes

[Part II of Beginnings is coming, I promise. It just needs time. It's a both more- and less-heartwarming story than Part I, and it's taking time and emotional energy, neither of which I have much of right now. Instead, let me tell you about my afternoon, via my Twitter feed...]

TC tinycoconut

The difference a year makes: Got note from RSP teacher asking if it wd help if they sent home extra sci/soc studies books for N to keep home

W/in two hrs, emails back and forth between RSP, classroom tchr, principal, and we'll have books in hand on Monday.

Not my idea; not something I asked for; creative, proactive problem-solving on school's part. I'm stunned...and grateful.

And, yes, I effusively thanked all parties. Hard to believe it's the same UNIVERSE, much less the same school, though.

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