Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A "Good" Update

None of these photos from our summer vacation have anything to do with anything in these posts. They just make me smile.
Remember all that angst from the other day?

Baroy and I met yesterday morning with N's teacher about some behaviors (and peer responses) in class that we were worried about--some teasing, some work refusal, some things disappearing from his desk. It was a very productive meeting in which we were able to explain to his teacher, Mr. G, why trying to send N into another classroom with a note for that teacher--as a way to get N out of the classroom so Mr. G could tell the kids there to knock off egging him on with his silly behaviors--would never work. Still...he was trying to get N out of the room to tell the kids to knock it off. That's awesome. And next time, it will actually work, since we gave him much better options than sending our terrified-of-his-peers kid into a room of kids he doesn't know well.

But that's not why I'm writing. N's RSP teacher--who will be the leader on his IEP--joined us for the meeting, and afterward she and I and Baroy talked a bit more specifically about some of the learning issues he's having. Anyway, I asked her point-blank if she thought that he would have any trouble retaining services at all for next year, and she looked at me like I was insane. (Which is very good news, but always knocks me sideways a little.)

And then I said something about wanting to focus on reading, etc., and made a somewhat oblique reference to "and if that means we have to give up some of the current services..." and she stopped me DEAD and said, "I would STRONGLY recommend not giving up ANY of his current services for next year, especially as he moves into middle school. We're seeing such good progress, but he'll need the supports as he moves on."

So, um, yeah. That. Never mind?

(And thanks, you guys. All of you guys.)


kristen spina said...

Good news all around!

Anonymous said...

I guess it is hard to be glad that Noah still needs the services, but it is good that she was so honest and looking after his best interests.


Meg said...

Agree with the teacher. Plus, even if you dropped a few of N's services, it would not make a difference in the budget hole.

Also agree with the others that if I had the resources, I would set up additional support outside of school. While it is great he is making progress, he may make even more with one on one teaching or even a different approach than the school is using.

It is really a shame that there is no way to avoid the draconic measures needed to plug the budget gap. Hope it turns out to be less dire than predicted.

Green said...

See? I am very wise. So glad your school lady is on board.

BTW, is N getting bar mitzvahed? I don't know where you are in that, but will just toss this out: I learned my haf torah by pure auditory memorization. The cantor sang my piece onto a tape, and I played the tape over and over. If N is aiming for this and having trouble, that may be a solution (or not).

TC said...

You are, indeed, Green!;-)

He will indeed have a bar mitzvah; the memorizing is less the issue than the being willing to get up in front of people and speak. But we're working with the former rabbi of our temple who promised at Em's bat mitzvah that he would see to it that N got the same. It may look different, and it may need to be on a day when electronics can be used rather than on a Saturday (so that we could record him, maybe, doing his haftarah or even just some of the prayers, and play it during the service), but it will happen. And it will be joyous. And I will cry. Guaranteed.