Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thinking of Others First

An instructor has left one of N's after school programs under uncomfortable circumstances (the who, what, and where are not my story to tell, so I apologize for vagueness). This will affect N, since this person is both his instructor and has children in the program as well, including a boy named Keith in N's class. And so as we headed there today, I relayed the news to him.

I had, mind you, talked to several friends with children in the program as well, and we'd talked and discussed and dissected and gossiped, mostly about how it would affect us and/or our children, and how we ourselves felt about it. I, I, I, I said. Me, me, me.

N's first comment, on the other hand? "Oh, no. I feel really sad for Toni. Keith is her best friend. She's going to be very sad."

Once again, and please say it with me…Autistic people lack empathy MY ASS. *I* lack empathy; there are so many things, places, and people that I am simply OVER these days.

My kid, on the other hand, DEFINES empathy. I have tons to learn from him.

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