Friday, October 5, 2007


Just a quick post to ask: Can anyone out there explain to me why I just stuttered like crazy through a two-minute message left on a speech therapist's voice mail...even though I DON'T NORMALLY STUTTER...?

Well, maybe he'll think there's a strong family history of speech issues and get back to me more quickly, right?

(This guy's a referral from our pediatrician, who saw Em yesterday--lump on her jaw...don't's OK now--and got RIGHT ON IT when I told her I was floundering in trying to find a good--i.e., not just from the phone book--SLP who deals with kids over the age of 5 and has an office less than an hour from my house. We'll see what happens.)


kristen said...

Hooray for two big steps forward!!! If it makes you feel any better, I leave the most horrible rambling convoluted phone messages of anyone on the planet earth. Trust me. If you ever get a phone message from me, just delete it and call me back. Don't bother listening.

Green said...

That's AWESOME (I have a thing for stuttering and lisps)! Whatever - I'm sure the dude knows people get nervous calling him and is used to all sorts of shit.

You'll meet, talk, and he'll realize it was just a nervous reaction. No big deal.

po said...

WTG on calling!! And yeah, most people stumble over their words when they're nervous, doing something they are dreading, and are uncertain about what the hell is up with their kid.

More hugs!

Rich | Championable said...

Were you worried about calling a speech therapist? (I'm just catching up, here.) Hell, dude, my 8-year-old as been working on a lateral lisp for a while... if I had known, I could have sent eSupport your way. Or is that iHugs. Or InterProps.

Whatev. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

He probably won't even hear it, assuming he has an appointment-person to check messages/book patients!