Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Damn the Anonymity!

If the Big Wide World weren't such a scary place, with stalkers and child molesters and whatnot, I would TOTALLY put up my pictures from today, of--and I say this without any partiality, of course--The World's Cutest Kids. OK, maybe a little partiality. But still. They're definitely in the top three.

N is SuperN! Complete with N-bedecked cape my mom sewed for him a couple years back, a t-shirt I created with puffy paints that has a SuperN logo on it, and spiked, blue-sprayed hair. I might try to get him to let me stuff his shirt with foam 'muscles' tonight, but that might be too much 'stuff' for him. He's thrilled with the costume.

Em is Hermione (and if I have to say, "from Harry Potter," then you should be ashamed of yourself). Her costume came out PERFECTLY. What kills me is that there were all these little Harrys and Hermiones running around with store-bought costumes, and we threw ours together from stuff around the house (made an academic robe out of an old, most-eaten woolen shawl of mine, for instance, and a Gryffindor tie out of a piece of scrap maroon fabric onto which I glued yellowish-gold stripes from another piece of scrap fabric), and people at school were all coming up to me going on and on about how AUTHENTIC she looked. The key? We washed her hair yesterday and put it into a dozen or more braids, so that today it came out all crimped looking, like Emma Watson in the original movie. Plus, she just sort of LOOKS right for the part.

Me, I'm just thrilled that we managed to get through another year without spending more than $15 total on both costumes. Do I know how to get into the spirit of things, or WHAT?


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the fortunate people who actually got to see a picture of them and I totally agree. They are the cutest and they were the best costumes EVER! (even if I am their grandma:-) did GOOD!


Green said...

That sounds really cute. I'm anti-Harry Potter and haven't read any of the books or seen the movies, but even I know the names of the characters by now.

Oh! I just noticed your mother posted a comment - how adorable!

In the last seven years I've lived in 3 places, and nobody does Halloween in any of them, so I've never bought candy or done that whole thing. By the time I was on the bus going home from work, I'd forgotten it was Halloween.

Growing up, I didn't go trick or treating after the age of four, and my mother never let me answer the door for people who rang our bell. I would LOVE doing that, and seeing all the excited kids in costumes.

Rich | Championable said...

They could be TIED for the cutest kids ever.


Anonymous said...

I saw them and they looked great! :-)