Monday, May 5, 2008

Maybe next time she'll be more confrontational

Even before Green suggested it (I swear), I had given up the emailing idea and planned on meeting directly with the principal. Which I did, this morning.

I said things like, "So, there was this issue that came up on Friday."

And I said things like, "I realize that the gym teacher deals with kids trying to get out of doing things like pushups on a daily basis."

And I said things like, "I think the only way to deal with this is to make it so that every kid has a towel, period. That way he won't have to try to decide if they're just complaining for the sake of complaining, and I won't have to treat my child for third-degree burns over the weekend."

And I said things like, "I'd be happy to send out a flyer asking parents to donate old towels so that there's never a problem like this again."

And, because I couldn't be ONLY reasonable and fair, I said things like, "Because, really. If she was in reform school it'd be one thing. But if her worst crime was not really wanting to have to do pushups...I think burning her is a bit harsh, don't you?"

She said things like, "Oh my goodness."

And she said things like, "No, of course that's not OK."

And she said things like, "He's on campus today, and I'll talk to him about coming up with some kind of workable solution."

And she said things like, "I'll let you know what happens. And thanks for letting me know about this so I can do something about it."

All of which was good. Except that as I thanked her and left her office all I could think was, "Damn. That's not going to make a very good blog entry AT ALL."


po said...

How dare she be so reasonable??? Talk about adding insult to injury! :D

Now I hope she really does do something substantive, and not just because she's afraid of you ;)

Meg said...

LOL! It did make me chuckle. But what about the stairs??

Hope Em's hand is better.