Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Hard Being a Jew

...just ask N, who came to me on Monday, on day 5 of Passover, and simply wailed, "I really, really, really need some Goldfish! I can't wait any more. I NEED Goldfish!"

(Anyone know of a good Goldfish-related 12-step program?)

For the record: I let him go into the off-limits-during-Passover closet and take some Goldfish. (Clearly, we fall waaaaay south of orthodox in our handling of the holiday.) "It's between you and God," I said. "You do what feels right for you; I do what feels right for me."

"God won't mind," he replied confidently. He considered that statement for a moment, then added, "But if he gets mad at me, I don't care."

Apparently someone wasn't listening during the recitation of the Ten Plagues. Because, when I was his age? I'd pretty much decided it wasn't worth testing the whole 'wrath of God' thing somewhere around locusts. Or maybe boils.

Those Goldfish must have some pretty powerful mojo.


Ambre said...

At least he knows there will be lots of company in whatever bad place he goes for his goldfish sins!

kris said...

are goldfish not kosher or something? i am not up on the kosherness of goldfish or other snack like foods. though i can understand that pork rinds would not be a good thing...ever.

TC said...

Kris, Goldfish aren't Kosher for Passover, because they are made out of flour and are thus 'bread.' Rest of the year, they're fine, best I can tell...but then again, rest of the year, we don't keep kosher, so it wouldn't matter anyway. Actually, we never keep official kosher. We just don't eat bread and bread products (or yeast and a few other no BEER...sob...) during the eight days of Passover. Which ended at sundown tonight. Em and I were the only ones who 'made it' all the way through!

po said...

So Baroy can deflect any wrath of god that might be directed at N, with his own dietary transgressions :D?