Saturday, August 29, 2009

LA Fires, An Update

I think Baroy's shots, taken two houses down from our house because the trees in our background got in the way, say it all.

Or we can add N's comment: Holy Moly.

(The 411: It's still on the other side of those hills, which means it's still a fair way away from us. Evacuations are in force, but they're for streets fairly far north of us, and still about a mile+ east. That said, there's no smoke-free air here, and because of that, Em, N and I are finding alternative sleeping locations for the evening, while Baroy will hold down the homestead. We have lots of really good friends, and they've all made it clear that they're here for us if we need them. We are--as much as this isn't a word I really use normally--blessed.)

Edited to add: Just found out that the area just TWO BLOCKS north of us and ONE BLOCK west is now under a mandatory evacuation. Holy shit. I would never have expected it to get this close...not any of it.


Stimey said...

That is so scary. You're in my thoughts. I hope the mandatory evacuations don't get to you.

kris said...

omg!! good luck and take care..

AB said...

Good grief. The mountains don't look too foresty (is that a word), are they?

Now, move back east!!!