Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A few days before we headed to New York to visit family, we spent a day at the Kidspace Museum with always-to-be-called-by-his-full-name-if-N-has-anything-to-say-about-it Weeyum Wise.

Those of you who know anything about N know that Weeyum is the boy with whom N's been friends since they were in the infant room at daycare together.

I know I've written about their strange and remarkable friendship before, but let me say it once more: Weeyum is an incredible child. Smart, intuitive, mature. How and why these two boys have come together--and, more importantly, stayed together--despite their immense differences in personality and interests still floors me. Weeyum's mom agrees. And yet, being together makes both boys very happy. I keep waiting for Weeyum to tell his mom that he's outgrown N, but it doesn't happen. They just...connect. For no obvious reason.

Their day at Kidspace was remarkable in that it had been several months since they'd seen each other, and yet they picked up as if they'd been together the day before. They also didn't seem to notice, not even for a second, that they were BY FAR the oldest children there. It's really a preschooler's paradise, and these are 8-year-old boys. While that's not so surprising for N, whose interests tend to skew young anyway, I was a little afraid that Weeyum would be bored or feel out of his element.

I shouldn't have worried.

They examined bees:

(N's in mid-hair-twirl...his signature move. I've gotten extremely good at unshackling his wrist and/or fingers from the snarls he gets himself into. But, hey...He's pretty much stopped chewing up his shirts, so I'll let this one go for now.)

They examined life-sized plastic bugs eating in a diner:

They climbed:

And then climbed some more:

And then, because it was 100+ degrees, they hit the man-made creek and water wheel that runs through the gardens around the museum:

All of these photos, by the way, are courtesy of Weeyum's mom, J. Don't think even for one SECOND that I have any kind of photographic ability. I only wish I could show you the close-up face shots she got of both boys during the day. The joy in their eyes is almost edible. Heck, the BOYS are almost edible.

It was a very good day.


Niksmom said...

This is gorgeous. The pictures tell a lovely story.

Leila said...


How wonderful for both of them!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, shirt chewing. There was no way I could hand down those t-shirts with the necks all stretched out and tooth holes at the top. fun memory,

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a Weeyum Wise in their life. I'm so glad N had found his.

mc said...

They look so busy and engaged!
A preschooler's paradise? I would have a great time climbing on those things!
My son is also a hair twirler. He has a big bald spot in front of his head at the moment. *sigh*