Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Matter How Angry

No matter how angry I am, I shouldn't cut and paste the nasty letter I got from N's teacher today. Instead, I should remind myself (again) that these sorts of things really play into my hand, that having emails laying out all the ways in which N is showing the strain of this year--emails on which the principal is copied by the teacher--only make it easier to argue that he needs more help. Now.

No matter how angry I am, I shouldn't actually say what I'm thinking to N's teacher in a return email. Because that kind of language isn't going to help, even if it would make me feel better.

No matter how angry I am, I need to keep remembering what the goal here is. Actually, I need to figure out what the goal here is, and THEN keep remembering it. Which is why I have a call in to a special ed advocate. Whether or not I already am sigh-worthy, I now need to go way past that point. And to do that, I need to bring in the big guns. I need to know what his rights are, what I can request, what I can DEMAND.

No matter how angry I am, I need to stay calm and make good decisions. But damn. I am really, really angry.


Paula said...

I am *so* sorry. I know I would find it hard to stay calm.


kris said...

you should certainly have cut and pasted it so we all could call his teacher all the things we know you want to call her but are too mature to call her... i call my sons teacher many nasty things because she pisses me off daily. hope you get the answers you need to get your son the help he needs.

Niksmom said...

It's so hard to NOT go "there" isn't it? But you are right; you need to figure out what the read priority needs to be and not only stay focused bu get the support you need.

Wishing all those things for you. And a good outlet for all that anger, too. :-)

Leila said...

Sorry you're dealing with this, but know that I'm very impressed that you did restrain yourself.

I hope there is something good happening soon, something to help N soon.

Take care, and know that I'm muttering nasty things about his teacher under my breath, even if she can't hear me.