Friday, July 20, 2007

Mind Meld

Em, who will turn 10 in just over a month, still likes me to lie down with her at night while she's falling asleep. I do so on alternate nights, when I'm not lying down with N.

The other night, she was tossing and turning a lot, and I was getting annoyed at having to stay there for longer than usual, but I didn't say anything. Eventually, she started to settle down, but first grabbed my hand and pulled it over her. As I felt her start to slip off, I also felt her squeeze my hand three times, our signal for "I love you." I squeezed it back four times, our signal for "I love you, too."

I waited a beat, then added another four squeezes, to which she squeezed back twice. I laughed out loud.

"What do you think I was saying in my squeezes?" I asked.

"Now go to sleep," she said, then giggled when I gasped a little.

"And you squeezed back, 'OK,' right?" I asked.


"How did we know what the other was saying?"

"I guess we're just a lot alike," she said with a yawn, and she was off, and I lay there for a while, feeling both tickled and slightly weirded out that my daughter can read my mind.