Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Um, yeah, so...

Already bought it. Already loaded it up. Already reluctantly loving it.

(Also already rolling my eyes at Ambre and her "fanboi," whatever the hell that means. Mwah. Kisses to you, my geeky friend. You know I love you anyway.)

Yesterday's post, then? Never mind.



Debra said...

Ack, I knew that you wouldnt last an hour and that your post was to humor us! Im GREEN! I keep thinking I will hold out till my birthday, I would love one. Maybe you can be my guinea pig. Im waiting to see if there are any bugs in the first go 'round. (ya thats it, thats why I am waiting, not because of the $$ or anything).

Congratulations! Now you have to knit a cover for it, those things look fragile!

Here's a pop tart phone cover!


and this is as close as I am getting to a Iphone for a while...


Debra said...

not sure why that broke up...
Your cover:


My phone:


Ambre said...

That's me, geek to the max.

Glad to give you some entertainment today :)

Ambre said...

Oh and from wikipedia:

Fanboys are attributed with a sycophantic devotion to the creators and principles behind a work with which they are currently enthralled.


Rich | Championable said...

I. Am. Jealous.