Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bipolar Blog Update

In the past two days, I put up two new entries on my bipolar disorder blog: the first is a post about Us magazine's report that some idiot therapist has decided Britney Spears is bipolar (yeah, I know, you're rushing over to read THAT); the more recent one is a eulogy/post about my Dad's death (because I haven't written enough about it yet, right?). These entries are supposed to post once a week, but my editor and I have not yet gotten into a rhythm, so...two in two days. Hey, whatever.

Your link, madames and monsieurs: LoriO's Bipolar Blog

(Oh, and as to the numerous bugs you've seen and will see on the site? They know, sayeth my editor. They're fixing them. The main, relevant one is the fact that you have to be registered and logged into the site in order to comment on the blog...and it helps if you're using IE. Don't ask.)

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