Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My American Girl in NYC

Every year, as part of her pre-birthday yay-I'm-in-New-York-being-spoiled-by-Grandma celebration, Emily and my Mom go to the American Girl store, aka Pre-Teen Nirvana. My mom's friend comes along, and brings her granddaughter, too, and the girls each usually walk away with either a ridiculous number of clothes and doll accoutrements or, more often, a new doll. I'm fine with it; there are definitely worse addictions. And I'd much rather a house full of well-made AG dolls than one filled with Bratz and Barbies.

Today was The Day, and my mom took photos. Em is the blonde, the one on the right, sporting not only a new doll, but an outfit bought specially for the occasion with the Limited Too gift certificate my aunt sent her a few days ago. I might as well give up on trying to do something special for her birthday. There's just no way for me to compete with This Much Fun.


Anonymous said...

She looks so cosmopolitan! ;)


Anonymous said...

AND she was VERY cosmo! :-) They strutted around that store like they owned it......well, they almost could:-) This is the 4th year we've been.

I'm not sure, though, who has more fun.....the kids or the grandmas!

Rich | Championable said...

That's my FAVORITE store.

CORRECTION. That's my FAVORITE restaurant!!!