Monday, December 31, 2007

Be It Resolved

There are only about fifteen minutes until midnight here on the West Coast; we're back from our New York New Year's celebration (confetti and champagne at 9 pm in a room with 10 adults and 11 children under the age of 11) and N is still up (Em went to another friend's house after the party; they're going to the Rose Parade in the morning!), so I only have seconds to myself to put this down. And thus, without further ado, here it is: My Resolution.

I hereby resolve to be more selfish this year. Actually, I resolve to be more *effectively* selfish. In looking back at the last year, I feel like I spent almost the entire thing waiting for some kind of cosmic 'permission' to stop working so hard and stressing so much and to just do things that would make me feel better. But that permission never came...and all the hard work and stress got me NOwhere except depressed and angry. So, this year, I'm not going to wait. I'm going to work my garden even if that isn't going to help get us out of our financial morass, and I'm going to pick up my cross stitching again (it's been like TWO YEARS since I did ANY kind of crafting!) and I'm going to cook more homemade, healthy dinners since our health is worth the extra time and effort, and I'm not going to just let the housework slide because I have work to do...because the work never ends, and the housework keeps on sliding, and it's just NOT WORTH IT.

So there. I'm going back to the '80s and starting my own Me Decade in 2008.

And you?

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