Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Federal Holiday to All

Every Friday, the rabbi at our synagogue sends out a mass email with what is called a d'var torah, a discussion of the topics brought up by that week's torah portion (called a parsha). After the d'var torah, he gives the 'calendar of events' for the upcoming week or weeks. The one I got yesterday, for example, read as follows:
Tonight: Shabbat Evening Potluck - 6:15 pm, followed by Cool Shabbat Evening Service - 7:30 pm.
Saturday: Shabbat morning service - 9:30 am.
Sunday: No Religious School.
Monday: No Pre-School.
Tuesday: Office closed for federal holiday.
Wednesday and Thursday: Carpet installation in office.
Can I tell you that it took me a full minute to realize what 'federal holiday' he was talking about for Tuesday? And that, when I did, I laughed for a full minute more--and hard? After all, here I'd assumed that I'd pretty much covered the it's hard to be a Jew on Christmas thing, but apparently I have little to complain about compared to my clergy.

(FYI, the conversation at the potluck last night? A detailed and rousing discussion of whether it's traditional to go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and whether that should be alternated or combined with going to the movies. I love my temple.)


Anonymous said...

FWIW, it's our tradition to go to the movies on Christmas day also, and we're actually celebrating that (federal) holiday! We just don't have any family around to celebrate with that day. And Chinese food sounds good.....reminds me of the movie "A Christmas Story" where the family ends up at a Chinese restaurant (the only people there) on Christmas and the Chinese waiters attempt to sing carols to them. :)

Green said...

The movies and chinese food are to be done on Christmas day. On Christmas eve, things are still open, and therefore, there are more options than just movies and chinese food on christmas even day.

Anonymous said...
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