Saturday, December 8, 2007

I am so bitter and angry right now, I can't even think about being funny

It's, what? Three weeks until the end of the year? And the good folks over at Viacom--the folks who own Nickelodeon and thus ParentsConnect, for whom I would say I work, but they've been making it quite clear that I am not any part of their 'family'--decided just yesterday to unveil their changes to our health insurance program. I had been forewarned, by rumors flying around, that it was not a positive change. We freelancers/contractors had been--until now--covered by the same plan as employees. Almost as if we were real people! And thus they needed to put a stop to THAT, toot suite (sweet? depends on your dictionary).

And so now we have Aetna Affordable Health Choices: A Limited Accident & Sickness PPO Insurance Plan.

Affordable? Uh, no. Gonna cost me more than the 'un'limited plan I had until now. Choices? Uh, no. You people have now given me less then three weeks, DURING THE HOLIDAYS, to find something that will actually cover my family, which simply can't be done. Limited? Dingdingdingdingding! Check it: a $25,000 CAP on overall benefits per year. A $50 CAP on prescription drug benefits per month. A $2,000 CAP on hospital-billed charges per year. (But, HEY, don't complain girly! They're also offering SUPPLEMENTAL hospital insurance, for only another $40-some a month--which gives you a whole $100 a day extra as a hospital inpatient or a full $1,000 for one stay in the hospital per year. Yippeee! I'm home free now!)

In other words, this is literal health insurance. Get sick, have an accident...file for bankruptcy. This plan won't come close to covering any kind of 'real' illness. I know for a FACT that it won't cover the operation we were going to try to schedule for N's hernia and testicle next year. (Viacom to N: "Sorry little boy! We needed to save some money so we can give Spongebob a raise! You understand, don't you? And hey, you have one good testicle! What more can you ask for?")

Full court press for a new job begins...well, it began yesterday. After the half-hour crying jag that scared my kids half to death. So much for my need to be at home. So much for N's need to have me around after school. The only upside is that my decision to burn as many bridges as possible when I leave this job will now include passing along info on the way freelancers like myself--someone who has officially worked 35 hours a week every week this year, since I don't get vacation time, and often worked significantly more--are being treated by a company that asks for their loyalty, time, and talents, and gives them a total ass-fucking in return. (Uh, sorry, Mom.) Happy Holidays, Viacom.


Roni said...

Yikes. So sorry to hear about this happening. Especially right now. Best of luck finding something else. {{{HUGS}}}

Maddy said...

Bad [or cruel] timing. It's taken me a long time to understand the significance of health benefits in this country. I'm sorry. I get it.
BEst wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Susan said...

Oh, this is terrible news. It's not that surprising, though, since they have been being pretty evil for a while now. I am so sorry to hear it though. I am sending good job vibes your way.

Ambre said...


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I had that insurance when I worked retail. It's fine if you're a healthy person, but sucks horridly if you have any sort of chronic condition. The prescription coverage was a joke and I was spending $500 a month on my meds. Luckily, my parents were helping me out, otherwise I would have been in it deep, since my take-home pay was only about $700 a month.

Good luck with the job hunting. I hope you find something soon!

po said...

That is just so appallingly terrible :(. What is it with big entertainment companies? Why must they freaking nickel and dime their cost savings by denying loyal workers BASIC, ESSENTIAL benefits?

I'm so sorry.

Green said...

I've been paying $592 per month for Cobra all to prevent being told I have a pre-existing condition for the last several months.

I am so sorry for your loss (of decent health insurance).

Meg said...

So sorry TC. :( Especially at this time of year. I hope you find the perfect work from home (at least part of the time) gig really soon. Sending good new job vibes.