Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The photo editor from Time (which, um, oops, doesn't come out until this Friday, so I bragged too soon) called today, looking for a headshot of me for the "publisher's letter" in the issue. (My article--which is titled "Marry Me"--is part of a special section in that issue; the publisher's letter will be focusing on the various articles in that section.) I sent them a couple of cute shots I have of me--one with Snug, one with me all windblown at Legoland a year and a bit back--but they told me they needed something that at least resembles a professional headshot, since that's what the other 'featured writers' have. Well, shit. I don't have a headshot. Who keeps a headshot around of themselves? (OK, other than my husband and all of my brothers-in-law, because they have all written books and/or are actors. And, OK, other than 83 percent of the rest of the population of Los Angeles. Oh, never mind.)

So I threw on some makeup (and my mother and sister know that I mean that more-or-less literally) and asked Baroy to take a few headshots of me against a 'plain' backdrop. After looking at what he'd gotten, Baroy whooped with laughter at their hideousness and kindly had me move to our living room, where he shot a few more of me leaning against our book case. We did eventually get one that the photo editor said she can use, and I went on with my life.

Baroy, however, did not. The Baroy's-Last-Name Boys, as they are generally known, all have a wicked sense of humor, all have exceptional Photoshop skills, and all have waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands. Baroy is no exception. And so, while I was sending the 'good' photo off to Time, he was sending the following to his brothers and others. He's lucky I have a sense of humor.

[An aside: I'm still unsure how, when I said to the hair stylist, " I want my hair shorter, like to the bottom of my neck," she translated that into "I want my hair to barely reach the bottoms of my ears...and, oh, can you give me some dewlaps while you're at it?" I hate this haircut. I truly despise it.]


Anonymous said...

hehehe The best part is that he made you almost 6 feet tall! LOL


Leila said...

That is a great photo... BWAH.

That isn't a great photo of you, but I'll disagree with you: I think haircut looks cute, so even if you hate it, it still looks good. So there.

po said...

Thanks! I really and truly needed that laugh!

Ambre said...


po said...

Oh man, I have to tell you, I showed this to Ross and said how the funniest part was that he made you 5'9". Ross said "Yeah, 5'9" and barely a hundred pounds!" I said, no, actually he put her at 225 pounds and we laughed hysterically.

But I realized that it would probably make you pretty stoked to hear that Ross thinks you are barely a hundred pounds ;)!