Friday, January 11, 2008

Not Nearly As Selfish As I'd Hoped To Be

I'm not ignoring you on purpose, I promise. It's just that, somewhere between "I resolve to be more effectively selfish" and, well, today, I picked up about 73 million little freelance jobbers, and they're all due on Monday. Which makes finding time to blog--or, frankly, to breathe deeply--ever so challenging. But it will make it easier to breathe when I consider how exactly to pay next month's bills. So it sort of balances out in the end.

Meanwhile, here it is...the semi-big reveal about that article I kept jabbering on about last week. If nothing disastrous happens in the next couple of hours, it will be appearing in this Monday's issue of Time. Or should I say, TIME! (Because exclamation points are there for a reason, after all.) And while it features neither my lovely Ambre nor my lovely Paula (or, rather, I should say it NO LONGER features either of them after the edits), it does feature a (dramatically cut down version of my interview with) my lovely Mir. Who isn't really mine, of course, since she has about 40 bajillion readers, all of whom love her as I do. But I'm claiming her for now, even if she does file for a restraining order.

I will be posting a link as soon as there is one to post. Trust me; this is not the last you'll hear.


kristen said...

You go girl! That is awesome news...Time!!!!

po said...

Rock ON!! I'm a little shocked that it's appearing so quickly. But then I'm utterly ignorant of how weekly publications work, knowing only the year-plus lag time of scientific journals :D.

YAY YOU!!! (insert jumping up and down, cheering icon here )

Leila said...


I'll be refreshing during the day!

Ambre said...

That bastard cut me and left her in? That's it, I refuse to read it >:-(

Oh wait, they paid you. Never mind :)

Meg said...

WOW! You go TC! Can't wait to read it.

Roni said...

You go, girl! That's awesome. Can't wait to read it - and then brag to everyone that I know you. ;-)