Friday, November 28, 2008

The World's Saddest Pumpkin Cake

Last year, it just slid out of the very cool bundt pan with hardly a shake. This year, not so much...

The icing didn't do a lot to disguise the issues...

(Re: The sign. Moaning to Baroy about what had happened to the cake, I said, "It tastes awesome, but I can't just serve it without comment! I can't have people thinking I meant for it to look like this! I need like a sign or something..." This is what I came back to a little later. Baroy cracks me up. It's why I keep him. Well, one of the reasons.)

And for those of you who follow me on Twitter (I'm tinycoconut there, fyi), here's an extra photo of the done-two-hours-too-soon turkey in its Who-Framed-Roger-Rabbit swaddling:

Thanks, Butterball Turkey Talk Line! It stayed perfectly hot, and was still awesomely juicy! (Which is probably also thanks to Alton Brown and his now tried-and-true brining technique...Yes, I know brining is 'out' these days, but I'm sticking with it, 'cause I love the way the turkey turns out.)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate and despise bundt pans for this very reason. Spotty success, at best. (Taste is the main, thing, though, right?)

MOM said...

So what did the Butterball Turkey Talk Line say? Please share. We had the same thing happen with our turkey....done too soon. Never thought to call Butterball Turkey Talk Line!

Glad your turkey was awesome along with your World's Saddest Pumpkin Cake!


po said...

I'm only 5 years late to the party, but I'm now a brining enthusiast as well! I did it for the first time and this was the best damn turkey I've ever made.

So glad all your food was yummy. Perhaps the cake was sad because it knew it was about to be eaten (with gusto!). :)