Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Vacation, in Facebook Status Updates

I have nothing to say about the inauguration that hasn't already been said or will be said. (Well, except for this: He said "nuclear!" Like it's supposed to be said! I am almost dead with happiness.)

So, instead, I'm going to do something totally self-indulgent and unlikely to be of interest to anyone but the people involved: Recap my weekend vacation to Big Bear via the Facebook status updates of six of the eight adults who attended. Here's all you need to know; we had five laptops with us. (Oh, and we brought our kids, too, ranging in age from 11 down to 1. Crazy fun.)

January 14:

A is unhappy with the ongoing sinus problems she’s having in light of the trip to Big Bear coming up. (6:50 pm)

Baroy is looking forward to Big Bear. (7:33 pm)

January 15:

A is sad because Jo is crying about there not being any snow in Big Bear. (3:53 pm)

D hasn’t even left yet and already wishes her Big Bear trip wouldn’t end! (7:23 am)

January 16:

TC is counting the minutes ‘til she gets to head out for her weekend getaway! (9:43 am)

E & family are in Big Bear waiting for 3 other families to arrive. (12:55 pm)

TC is going to play REAL Scrabble this weekend. Like on a BOARD and everything. How 20th century of me! (3:14 pm)

Baroy is very happy to be in Big Bear for the weekend. (7:41 pm)

D is thrilled to be surrounded by SNOW! (8:42 pm)

A is happy because there is SNOW! (10:29 pm)

TC is wondering how many of us in this ‘getaway’ cabin are on Facebook at the same time. We’re pathetic. (10:50 pm)

January 17:

A is watching the kids play in the snow outside. (10:22 am)

Baroy is really pissed. He slipped on some ice and busted his camera. (12:15 pm)

TC's favorite Big Bear Quote of the day: “Jo, when you finish brushing your teeth, grab your gun!” (6:16 pm)

D had a great day wandering in the snow with the kids! (11:56 pm)

January 18:

D is happily watching the kids sled down an amazing sledding run… (9:53 am)

A is hoping to do nothing. (9:55 am)

A is eating parsnips. (11:42 am)

J is up in Big Bear. (2:48 pm)

TC is crying into her cranberry vodka because our Big Bear trip is almost over. (6:04 pm)

TC's favorite quote of the night from an adult playing Scrabble: “I have gonorrhea!” My reply, looking over her shoulder: “No, you have GONARIG.” (7:30 pm)

D is playing scrabble with the home girls and losing miserably!!! (8:25 pm)

A is busy doing the annual scary story. (9:03 pm)

TC is busy trying to avoid being part of the annual scary story. (9:05 pm)

D is having a great time on the last night in Big Bear! (9:17 pm)

TC is going back to her original idea for a post about wishing there was still more vacation time. (9:19 pm)

Baroy is tired of climbing in and out of windows and being a part of the annual scary event. (9:20 pm)

January 19:

D just overheard…"Brian may be a squirrel but he is more like a chicken." Scary! (8:45 am)

TC should probably just be happy she waited until the last two hours of her trip to throw out her back, right? (3:53 pm)

D is sad. The party is over. (2:11 pm)

A came home from a fabulous trip to Big Bear to find we’d lost our 16 year old kitty while we were gone. Godspeed, Ashley. (5:23 pm)

J is not up in Big Bear. (6:33 pm)


Anonymous said...

Perfect recap! And it sounds like a lovely time...

PnP said...

That about sums it up, haha!!

po said...

I totally missed the gonorrhea post! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Ambre said...

LOL. Funny and oh, so sad at the same time- especially the fact that we gave up on the scrabble board and played facebook scrabble the second night, sitting around the table with our laptops!

(hey, it keeps score for us!).