Saturday, July 11, 2009

Short-Attention-Span Post

1. I've been using club soda as a glass cleaner ever since reading up on ways to reduce my use of harsh chemicals. I picked up a liter of the stuff today, to refill the spray bottles upstairs and downstairs. I have more than half a liter left, so I poured a glass of it over some ice and am sipping it. All I keep thinking is, "I'm drinking glass cleaner. Something's wrong here."

2. It's time, we've decided, to start taking N's golf to the next level. The first step is to ask the director at the golf academy where he takes his weekly lessons what that next level is. The next step is for me to get over this feeling that I'm becoming "one of those moms" by actively trying to see how far he might be able to take this. (He's good; he's probably very good. We just can't objectively determine HOW good he is. But if the amount of interest he's garnered from the folks at the academy is any indication, it's something worth pursuing with him.) So far, I've tried to counteract my natural desire not to 'push' by reminding myself that if there's any kid out there who needs to have an area in which he legitimately excels, it's N. If getting him there takes some shoving to move him past his fears and anxieties about trying new things and competing and following rules? I'll have to learn how to shove. Or I'll make Baroy shove.

3. I started the weekend by making a list of about a dozen very specific chores I wanted to accomplish: Making a batch of iced coffee so I don't end up buying it at Starbucks all the time. Working with N to clean off the top of his dresser, which we haven't had all cleared off probably in several years. Washing the windows in his room. Making broth out of the chicken carcass from dinner a few days ago. Cleaning out the fridge. Doing laundry. Washing down the kitchen chairs. Returning library books. Trimming the lemon and tangerine trees. Clearing the dead stuff out of our front garden. Clearing off my desk. Organizing my files.

N's dresser is clear, his windows washed, his curtains in the laundry (which is about a third done). I made the iced coffee yesterday, and the chicken broth is in the oven not-quite-bubbling right now. The trees are trimmed. The library book is returned.

The fact that I completed almost half the items on my list? I am calling this weekend a Huge Success.


Niksmom said...

I'm impressed! The fact that you got a post done...especially impressive to me since I can't muster the energy to string together two sentences these days. :-p

Niksmom said...

Oh, and I meant to add...drinking glass cleaner? Hysterical.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about finding an area for N to excel. I've heard it / read it several times that with these kids who have struggles - it's super important to develop their strengths. They NEED to have something they excel at. It's why I encourage Charlotte in music so much. She loves it, she's pretty good at it, and I want her to have this thing that she's really good at.

Good job on the To Do List. I need some inspiration myself.

Anonymous said...

This is how I clean glass: wipe with a paper towel dampened with super hot water and then dry with a dry paper towel. Cheaper than club soda. I can't believe I do something cheaper than your Goodwill ass.

Anonymous said...

In fact, I CANNOT believe you waste money on CLUB SODA to clean anything. For god's sake! It's WATER. This is such an outrage I'm double posting!

TC said...

Jane, SUPPOSEDLY, the calcium carbonate in the club soda helps to make the glass sparklier. It seems to work better than just-plain-water. But it could all just be cleaner-placebo effect.

And if it makes you feel any better? I don't use paper towels to dry because they're too expensive. I use newspaper from the recycling bin. (Also cuz 'they' say it reduces streaking.)

Give it up. There's no way to be cheaper than me. ;-)

AB said...

I do believe I use to know someone who was frugal but you beat her. LOL