Friday, April 18, 2008

How I Know She Wasn't Switched At Birth

While making salmon patties for dinner, Em suddenly looks up from mashing ingredients and says, "Mama, isn’t it amazing that the human body is complex enough to reproduce? I mean, reproduction is so complex itself, and yet, without reproduction, there would be nothing on the earth!"

Yup. DEFinitely my child.


Leila said...

Totally cute, and how wonderful!

And my kid finally, finally! finally! asked what could be taken as a reproduction question (a "what's this? on a gag sperm key chain I was given years ago).... when her siblings were attempting to slaughter each other, the phone was ringing, the cheese from the pizza had fallen on the oven door and was smoking, leaving me at the mercy of the house alarm, and of course my glasses were fogged up.

I think I yelled "A key chain. Not now, open the window before the alarm goes off!"

Sigh. A lost teachable moment.

But they're doing reproduction on school so I guess some basics are being taught. I tried. I really did. She showed so little interest I felt that I either needed to leave it alone, which is what I did, or sit her down, and give her a talk that she had shown no desire to have. Since that is what happened to me, and I've always felt that I really didn't want to know when I learned, if that makes sense, I'd been in wait and hope for a question of any sort mode.

Just not while Linnea was drawing blood from her older brother's arm etc, ya know?

Rich | Championable said...

Whoa. Give that kid a cookie. That rocks.

po said...

Love it!! I already knew she was yours, all yours, lack of sense of entitlement notwithstanding.

I'm still rolling at Leila's story!:D

AB said...

She sure is your daughter... just like you only you were younger!!!