Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Poem, by N

We had a long wait in an orthopedist's office (turns out, long story shortened out of concern for your boredom levels, that N has a 10 degree curvature at the very top of his spine, which qualifies him as having the very mildest case of scoliosis you can possibly have and will only require watching every six months or so). After we'd finished watching cranes lifting a total of 16 portapotties from the roof of the new hospital tower being built right outside the office window (which is still bugging me, even now...what WERE all those portapotties doing up there in the first place?), I pulled out a paper and pen and suggested he draw or write something. And so he set to it, stopping only to ask me to spell "pretty" and "cuddly."

This is what he handed to me when he was done:
Oh Mommy Oh Mommy You are so pretty so much. You are so so pretty so so much and you are so so cuddly. Oh Mommy Oh Mommy. Love N Middlename Lastname
Could you not just DIE from the sweetness? (Also: Hello, Oedipus. Nice to see you again.)

When the doctor arrived, N insisted that he read the poem. The doctor looked at me. "You MUST keep this," he said.

"Keep it?" I replied. "I'm blogging it."


po said...

Isn't it nice to be the center of someone's universe, his moon and stars? :)

Green said...

I was diagnosed with scoliosis around that age. Then, my brother was diagnosed with it.

I got physical therapy and ate a lot of yogurt. He did not get physical therapy and drank a lot of milk.

I am 5'4". He is 6'3". When my brother was 17, he had surgery to have steel rods placed on either side of his spine to correct his scoliosis.

I urge you to get a second opinion, as my brother was told his also just needed to be watched. They watched it grow out of control. I also urge you to take N to a physical therapist who can give him stuff to do each night (I did my back exercises during commercials while watching prime time) that will help his spine straighten. While it does that, it also feels good (because you're stretching).

deeje said...

That note is so darned sweet it makes my teeth ache. In the best way possible, of course! :)