Saturday, July 12, 2008

New York, New York

I'm much too busy playing with my nephew and chatting with my mom and laughing with my sister to do any blogging right now. But, in lieu of actual substance, I'm going to put up a picture of an absolute MIRACLE in the making: Em getting N to try roller blading. This, for the record, would be my little boy who refuses to even LISTEN to the idea of having the training wheels taken off his bike, he having only recently felt safe enough to stop insisting on riding his tricycle. This would be my little boy who has refused even LOOK at the regular roller skates we bought him years ago, ever since the day he got up on them and they...gasp...ROLLED.

And then Em got a pair of roller blades from us for her upcoming birthday--she wanted them early so that she could use them during the summer, since her bday is right before they go back to school--and we found an old pair in the garage that N could fit into, and she asked him once if he would like to try them and he cried, but then she asked him again the next day and he said, "Sure." And by the end of the day he was actually creeping forward on them WITHOUT HER EVEN HOLDING ON TO HIM.

Miracle, I say. MIRACLE.


Anonymous said...

Oh. my. god. He is my son.

(By the way, yay for Em!!! Can she come over here and do the same?)

Leanne said...

I'm laughing. But my boy was like this too. Since I have one of each though let me tell you that fearless gives LOTS more gray hair...

Leila said...

Could you please send Em up to chat with Linnea?

Good for her, and good for N! I hope he loves rollerblading.