Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proud Mama

Em got a bit huffy last night when--after I'd cut up and sauteed that beauty above in some olive oil and garlic, throwing in a huge handful of the stringbeans I'd also grown in my garden, peeling some tiny little carrots for N to eat, and chopping up a bunch of cilantro and parsley for garnishes--I declared that it was more than likely that I was prouder of growing that zucchini than I was of growing her and N.

Why, yes, the committee *has* bantered my name about for the Mother of the Year award. Why do you ask?

Still, it's a little bit true. Who knew I could actually GROW stuff? I mean stuff from the ground? It was sort of a given--the spectre of infertility aside--that by virtue of being female, I would have a better than even chance of birthin' babies. But growing edible foodstuffs? We are not a agrarian family, to put it mildly. This idea that I was able to take some soil, a few seeds, one or two seedlings, and water, and turn them into a bunch of green things I can feed to my family...well, it feels about as miraculous as that whole water into wine thing. If I wasn't a Jew and I actually believed in that stuff, I mean.

(Was there anyone I didn't manage to insult during this post? My children: check. Infertile women: check. Christians: check. I am on a roll today!)

Anyway, I figure that all I need now are a few chickens, a cow, and a small wheat field, and I'll be Caroline Ingalls! Go me!


Valle said...

yay, you! I've done the same thing -- of course i made so many rookie mistakes it's hilarious, but my garden is busting out all over...

and do get the chickens. My neighbor got them, and that chicken poop makes very great compost for the garden. Actually, they're a big pain in the ass, so instead, talk your neighbor into getting them.

deeje said...

I've never really done vegetable gardening (although I have lots of flowers). Some years I'll grow peppers and tomatoes in patio planters, and I grow a few herbs on the deck, but never the whole Green Acres tilling the soil thing.

And so I marvel a little at the idea of going out and picking Fresh Food Right Outta The Ground for dinner. Go you, indeed!

Ambre said...

As an unrelated fertile atheist, I am offended that you didn't offend me.

po said...

Sigh, our green beans, carrots, and sunflowers all got DROWNED this year during several hellacious thunderstorms :(! But I know what you mean, how exciting it is to have your kids EAT stuff you personally GREW.

And I come from a farming family and all!!

And I'm sorry, but you are very low on the list of people I can envision in a calico homespun dress and sunbonnet ;).