Friday, June 22, 2007

For Jeanie

So, maybe before I offered to change colors on this blog, I should have checked to see if I have the technological ability (think barely one step above Amish, and you have my technological ability) to change colors on this blog. Which, apparently, I don't.

But...BUT...The good news is that Jeanie likes the green. But then mentioned she likes purple, too! So, look! See? I changed the title and links, etc., to purple, but kept the background green (like I had a choice). I think it looks lovely now. Don't you? (Say you do. I'm sensitive about these things.)

Thanks, Jeanie!


Debra said...

Ggirl thinks its cool "Wicked" cool man!


Rich | Championable said...

I just threw up in my mouth.

Green said...

Obviously, I love green. I'd chanage the banner (where it says 'I Have Things') to a different color (maybe a lighter purple?) to make the green borders pop out a bit more.

po said...

Well, green and purple are my favorite colors, so ya have my approval. Though it is a very...strident green :). I read some joke thing once that said that liking green and purple is a sign that you're really an alien.

That must account for Rich's aversion.

jeanie said...

Looks great - (happens to be Wimbledon colours too, I believe)

BTW - I don't want to know which orifice rich normally prefers to throw up in.

Susan said...

Green and purple are my favorite colors, too, so I think it looks awesome!