Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our Celebrity Judge Makes Good!

My brother-in-law--the one who judged the "give TC a new name" contest--has a book coming out soon, real soon, like in four days soon. It's a young adult book, which I read way back when it was a novel aimed at adults, and it was really good even then. Word has it it's only gotten better...and if Publisher's Weekly's starred review of it, which just came out, is any indication, word is right.

Check it out: His review is the twelfth one down, the only starred review of the bunch; the book is called Nacky Patcher and the Curse of the Dry-Land Boats, in case you didn't already click on the Amazon link above.

Yay, J! Now we just have to wait for the review copies of my OTHER brother-in-law's young-adult book, which is coming out next spring. And let's not even get into what all four of these boys have written and published in the past...Let's just say it's no wonder I feel just the teensiest bit underaccomplished in this family, what with just two measly not-selling-like-hotcakes nonfiction titles to my name.

(Phew. I thought for a second there I was going to write this whole post sounding all chipper and supportive and proud of J; thank goodness the real, bitter, self-centered me came through at the last minute, huh?)


Rich | Championable said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll look at the review, in spite of the fact that "MX" lost in the naming contact for "TC."

po said...

"in the owl light and blackberry water of Yole Lake"

That is AWESOME!!

And yeah, come on, you've had more than a few years to adjust your ego to the "tough family" you married into ;)

Ambre said...

I pre-ordered it, even though the likelihood that rebecca will ever read it is nil.