Tuesday, June 26, 2007

POP! goes the ego

"You know who I'm making this picture for, Mommy? You. Because you are the best Mommy in the whole wide world ever."


"Except sometimes you're not."


"Sometimes you're mean. Sometimes you're really mean."


Rich | Championable said...


Seriously. Nice.

Nice to have a kid who can express themselves like that, and nice to have a kid who's not afraid to express themselves like that to YOU.

You must be a pretty kick-ass Mommy.

Ambre said...

She's not, she's really mean. But you know kids, they love their parents no matter what.

Hey, at least he didn't call you fat! That's what mine says "Mom, why are you so fat? You need nutri-system."

po said...

Yeah, and at least he didn't call you stupid, like mine did. Well, she said it nicer than that: "Well you know, Mommy, you're not very smart." :p Kinda makes you want to write a Blab for ParentsConnect :D

jeanie said...

Ah, but I bet you are the BEST mean mum around!

TC said...

Jeanie: "The Best Mean Mum Around." I think I'm going to use that! ;-) (And where do you live? England? The "mum" is a giveaway...)

Rich: Thanks! And wow...you are the Best Ever at finding a way to see the glass as half full.

Ambre: I'm ignoring you. And sticking my tongue out at you. And yes, I know it's hard to do both, but I am.

Paula: Does it make you want to write ANOTHER Rant (though they've just been renamed as Spills, if you can believe it, as in 'spilling your guts') for PC? Because I'm waiting...