Tuesday, June 12, 2007

T plus C equals...

Paula suggested a contest to help me decide what TC should stand for now (and managed to piss off my mom in the process by calling me conceited...hee!). Consider said contest instituted. Winner gets to choose the color of the blog, since apparently Rich is upset about it being green. It's not easy being green, you know, Rich...


jeanie said...

Temporarily Confused?

I like green!

Debra said...
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Debra said...

My personal favorite...
T'Parsnips Clinic


Tiny's (free) Clinic


Therapeutic Community


Great First Blog Filler:
Are You A Hypochondriac Quiz


Ambre said...

Teensy Canteloupe
Timid Cucumber
Tantruming Celebrity
Tingly Cuticles
Thinking Crazy
Tremendously Cute
Terrifying Creativity
Ticklish Clairvoyant
Trustworthy Communication

What do I get if I win? I could keep going ;)

herself said...

My first thought was Trepidation Central.


Rich | Championable said...

Dude, it's not easy being so many KINDS of green.

I still love, you. In spite of the pain.

po said...

Oh, I feel sincerely terrible to have pissed off your mom, since she is such a wonderful person :(!

I'm sorry, Lori's mom!!!

TC said...

Don't worry too much, Po! She just said that whoever called me conceited didn't know me very well! I don't think she realized it was you...and that you were kidding! (You WERE kidding, right? ;-))

po said...

Yes, definitely kidding :). I've been witness to your self-doubt on a few occasions ;)