Friday, June 15, 2007

We Have a Winner

I think I'll let our Celebrity Judge tell you about it himself:

There's much to admire in all of these entries. I shall disqualify Tender Capon because, a) it came from an interested party and, b) it sounds vaguely sexual, which is not at all the way that particular interested party should be thinking about his sister-in-law. I think I must disqualify Tangy Crudite also, because of the interested-party exclusion and because crudite, strictly speaking, should not be tangy, unless it has spoiled slightly and begun the slow fermenting process that is particularly common in such fleshy, high-water-content vegetables as peppers and cucumbers. But that's nothing to name a blog after. Teensy Cantloupe has appeal, but in a litigous culture such as ours, I fear it would attract a lawsuit from whichever party now owns the Tiny Coconut trademark, the argument being that any new name with identical initials that refers to both size and vegetable matter is too close. I also like Terrifyingly Creative, mostly because I think it does describe TC herself, but I fear that might seem immodest to readers.

So, all that said, I like (both for the sweetly befuddled state it describes and for the hopeful promise that that condition is transient):

Temporarily Confused

So, Jeanie, what color do you want this blog to be?


Rich | Championable said...


Tamar said...

Erm, TC, your eminently illustrious BIL does know that coconuts and cantaloupes are not actually vegetables but fruits, doesn't he?

BTW, I wholeheartedly agree with his ultimate choice.

Ambre said...

I don't know, for all that he is emminent and famous and a fabulous writer, she's always told me he's not that bright.

"Omg," says tc, "I never, ever told you that, you bitch". It's true, I made it up. I'm bitter that he didn't pick me. I'm a sore loser. Plus to have two of my choices SO CLOSE yet disqualified on technicalities is... well, not devistating, maybe not even annoying. Actually, it's fine- forget what I said :)

Please choose purple.

po said...

Problem is, I don't think the confusion is temporary :)! (Being as how TC and I are sole sisters separated at birth, and I KNOW I'm Perpetually Confused)

jeanie said...

ha ha ha - thank you - had a week long hiatus from the computer and I find out that finally I have WON something!!!

What have I won again? Ah yes - a colouring competition...

I think to go with the name, you really should set up a randomiser function on the blog background, but that may be being a tad too difficult.

I actually really like the green (queer fish, I know) - how sad is that to win something and then not want to mess with the formula!!!

jeanie said...

Or purple - I like purple too!!!

(Can you see I actually delved into my own head for your new title.)