Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boy Crazy

Em: I think S likes me.

Em's friend, C: He better not.

Me: Why 'he better not'?

Em: Because C likes him...a lot!

C, nodding: I'm boy crazy.

Em: She likes a lot of boys in our grade.

Me: What about you?

Em: Me? Nah.

C: She just thinks of them as friends. That's what different about us. She just likes boys as friends, and I'm boy crazy.

Em: Yeah that's why I'm more of a jock than you. I just see boys as friends. Plus, I have a brother.


Forget what I said yesterday. The REAL advantage to working from home is being able to listen in on/be part of these post-school-day-snack conversations. They crack me up.


po said...

That is too funny. I'm glad to see that the term "boy crazy" is still in use :D.

And yes, I think having a brother probably makes girls less prone to boy craziness, since you have to think of boys as, like, people :p.

Meg said...

Glad to hear the boy-girl thing for 10yos in fifth grade is not just happening in our school! The highlight of the Opening Picnic last night was when a boy asked a girl "out" and first she said "yes" and the boy promptly ran and hid. Of course, then the girl's friends talked some sense into her and she promptly rejected the boy.

Luckily, my son is like Em - not girl crazy unlike some of his friends.