Friday, September 14, 2007

What he said when I asked him

Several of you asked me, apropos of my last post, what N said when I asked him about his ostensibly odd response to the 'favorite number' question.

Truth is, I hadn't asked him at all at first; I didn't want him to think he'd done it 'wrong' or that I was disappointed with him. But when you all pointed out the 2+6=8 thing--despite the fact that I know my kid, and I know that's not the way he thinks--I had to check to be sure. And so I went to him and asked, and it turns out you guys were about half right. Or at least meg was about half right when she said that maybe he thought your favorite number had to be between 1 and 10--except, as N explained to me, somewhat circuitously, the favorite number had to be between 1 and 20.

"Oh," I said, "so you couldn't have 26 as your favorite number, then."


"So why did you say your favorite number was 8? How did you come up with the number 8?"

"Because I like it."

"But why? Does it have anything to do with number 26?"

"I like it because Emmy used to be 8. Before she was 9 and 10."

Yeeeeeeah. Like I said, not the way he thinks. But I will admit, it would have been really cool if you were right and I could say things like, "Well, the reason I can't understand what he's saying is because he's just TOO SMART FOR ME."

(Don't say it, you. I know you were about to.)


po said...

I loooove his answer! :D

And I do think you'll probably see, later in life, that he exhibits a lot of non-linear thinking, and you'll think back and realize that that was a part of what's going on here.

Rich | Championable said...

I like his answer, too. True, it ain't typical, but there's a process behind it, which beat the hell out of random, in my mind.

Hi, again.

Ambre said...

Yeah, po. Non-linear thinking is what gets you giggling in your vodka martinis.

And I was gonna say- you don't understand what I'm saying because I'm too smart for you. Noah is a whole nother ballgame.

But then you'd be even madder at me than you already are at my poking fun at your math skills, and we can't have that, so I'm not gonna say it, even though I think it would be kinda funny ;)

po said...

Ambre, have you been drinking too?

Ambre said...

No, but I should be. I'm so sore from riding! So I'm not making sense, but not in a fun way ;) I was just continuing some ongoing mockage of TC, it probably didn't make any sense at all out of context. I shall stick to the hope that in context it made sense, LOL!