Sunday, March 2, 2008

By 2:30 on this Sunday afternoon

I have:

1. Ferried the kids to Religious School (a 20-minute drive)

2. Walked with another of the Religious School parents to the bank to take out some money for a donation to the Walkathon going on later in the day to raise money for our upcoming synagogue trip to a family camp (organized by the Religious School PTA, which normally would mean me, but this time means a committee into whose laps I have dumped the entire project)

3. Walked from the bank to a nearby Starbucks, where we ran into another Religious School parent and sat for an hour, schmoozing

4. Walked back to the Religious School early, in order to help round up all the kids for the once-around-the-nearby-park Walkathon

5. Walked around the park as the 'sweeper,' gathering up stray kids, and harassing parents about what they're going to bring to the potluck lunch we're having (and by 'we' I mean the Religious School, which means the Religious School PTA, which this time really does mean just me) after Saturday services next weekend

6. Ferried my kids back to our neighborhood and directly to a local church, so that Em could join her troop at the annual Girl Scout Tasting Bee

7. Dealt with the complete and total meltdown that N had as we entered the church's social hall/auditorium/whatever it was and the noise of about 73 bajillion shrieking Girl Scouts hit him (though saying I 'dealt' with it may be giving me more credit than I'm due, since part of the dealing included me grabbing him by the ear--the nearest fleshy appendage I could find--to stop him from dashing outside into the parking lot while I was exchanging money with the ticket-taker; I did later apologize and cuddle him and calm him down, though, so don't call Child Services on me just yet)

8. Took N around the room asking him to eat something, anything there, since he hadn't had lunch (two cookies from the Holland booth later, he was done trying)

9. Handed N off to Baroy when he arrived, only to go help out behind Em's troop's booth (Korea; serving slices of Asian pears and a really yummy "Korean Radish and Carrot Salad")

10. Did various Girl-Scout-eventish things (like singing "Make New Friends" and helping corral the girls onto the stage when their booth won an award) and then managed to piss off our troop's leader by saying something I knew I shouldn't have said, and in fact had actually warned Emily not to say (foot, meet mouth)

11. Chatted with the elementary school's PTA president (as opposed to the religious school's PTA president, which is me) about my position on the executive board next year

12. Helped break down the booth with one hand while collecting the receipts for salad ingredients and cups and paper tablecloths with the other (I'm troop treasurer, since I don't have enough else to do)

13. Came home, downed 6 ounces of Emergen-C (I am DEFinitely coming down the the cold Em seems to have developed over the past 24 hours) and checked my email for the first time today

Did you read that? It's 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon, and I JUST CHECKED MY EMAIL FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY. *That* is how I know that my life is out of control.


Owens Family Adventures said...

Hi!! My hubby is in the military and right now we are stationed in Korea....I love!!! love love the Asian pears. Girl, we eat a ton of those things!!
The part about you grabbing your kid had my laughing out loud! hahahahaha
Have a great day,

po said...

I really hope #14 on your list was: Took a nap

You deserved it!!