Friday, March 7, 2008

Monkey Boy

This is what happens when you leave your kids to their own devices on a teacher prep day when you still have to work: They create a game called Monkey Boy, which not only includes your little guy launching himself from the arm of the couch into his sister's arms while screaming "Monkey Boy like-eeeeeeeee," but also has theme music and a choreographed dance. Oh, and it includes Monkey Treats--a pocketful of Fruit Loops, which Em pops into N's mouth, doggie-treat style, each time he does a 'trick.'

In fact, I am typing this while listening to the two of them hopping around and singing, "Back, front, side to side. Back, front, side to side. Back, front, side to side. All along the monkey hop." No, it doesn't rhyme or make sense, but it also doesn't include either of them screaming at me to intervene because the other one breathed in an annoying it works for me.

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