Monday, March 10, 2008


I've been doing a fair amount of cooking lately--fish! chicken! salads! veggies! sometimes even salads AND veggies on the same table during the same meal!--and there is that great satisfaction of knowing I'm actually giving my family "food," as opposed to "stuff from a box that sort of looks like food but maybe isn't."

But there's a problem. Those ingrates...they want to eat meals EVERY DAY. Sometimes THREE meals! And there is only so much sauteeing and slicing and browning and braising I'm willing to do. I'm only human!

And so our menus look a lot like this these days:

Sunday dinner: Catfish fillets and broccoli sauteed in butter and lemon; baguette; romaine lettuce and baby carrots with TJ's yummy low-fat cilantro dressing

Monday dinner: Frozen chicken taquitos thrown onto a paper plate; ramen noodles on the side, but only grudgingly, after the kids complain that they want more than taquitos

It's a little schizophrenic. Plus, all that happens is I rack up a few "good mommy" points on Sunday, only to blow them all on Monday's zero-nutritional-value preservative-fest. And trust me, it's all about racking up the good mommy points. But I just don't have the tiiiiiime! Or the enerrrrrrrgyyyyyy!

Bah. I was better off when I didn't realize that each trip through the McD's drive-through is the equivalent of shaving a month and a half off their life spans. Not that our car is never spotted there, mind you. I just feel a whole lot guiltier about it.

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Anonymous said...

I usually cook a big family dinner on Sundays for the in-laws and all, so on Monday, I just can't get it together either. I usually throw a turkey hot dog at my son and direct my husband to the cold cuts.

I envy anyone who is consistent, who can get a nice healthy meal on the table every night. Because it's not happening here.