Sunday, November 25, 2007

Damn animals

One of our cats, Buttons, has an upper respiratory infection, and needs daily antibiotics. Which is why, of course, she hasn't yet come home tonight. Any other night, and she's in and sleeping on our bed like clockwork.

Our dog, Snug, has a lump on his leg that went from bug-bite sized to golf-ball sized in an afternoon. Our vet/friend tried to aspirate it, but found it wasn't really solid, and said it looked "weird" under a microscope. So it has to come off. To the tune of about a grand. Baroy was trying to figure out how to convince the surgeon who will do N's surgery (when we schedule it) that N just got kinda furry recently...and that his testicle has wandered down to his rear paw...I mean leg. After all, THAT surgery would probably cost us well under a hundred bucks.

Our friend, Ambre, got thrown from her horse yesterday...thrown over a fence and onto the hard-packed earth outside the ring. She broke her clavicle and scapula, and suffered a compression fracture in one of her vertebrae. If you were able to read that without shuddering, you're made of stone.

Why did we decide it was a good idea to domesticate animals again?


po said...

Did Buttons come home?? Ugh on the Snug too :(. Such a shame that pet insurance is so hard to come by.

At first I thought you were including Ambre in the "Damn animals" of which you were speaking, till I realized you meant Smokey. I'm a little slow this morning.

And yeah, this is why we have no pets. I always say that I can barely care for the humans around my house; I can't be responsible for any other living things. Not even plants (the only plant I have is the beautiful umbrella plant you guys sent me for my birthday :)).

Ambre said...

yay i'm famous! I made blog headlines!

And if hearing the names of my injuries makes you shudder, you should hear the sounds coming from my shoulder when I roll over!