Friday, November 23, 2007

So much for thanks...I'm gonna kill the little fucker

Em and her friend J are putting practicing a play they created that I said I would videotape for them. In it, they are both pregnant, with big pillows stuffed under their shirts. They heard the boys on the street playing and so, giggling, they went outside:

"Hey, guys," Em shouts over to them. "I think J and I gained a little weight over Thanksgiving."

T, one of boys, shouts back. "Hey, J! Now you look like Em!"

That child had best not be standing in the middle of the street next time I'm behind the wheel of my car, is all I can say.


Leila said...

Feeling sick to my stomach here... I hope she dind't hear, didn't realise or didn't care...

When you run him over, put it in reverse for me, 'k?

Green said...

What was her reaction? I haven't thought of this in a very long time, but when I was around 11 years old, I became friends with an overweight girl from dance class. She came over to play one day and wanted to play with these dolls I had. Because she was the guest I played that with her, even though I hadn't liked dolls for years. At one point she said, "This doll is so fat!" and without even thinking I said, "Like you should talk."

We were laying on our bellies at the time and she just put her head down in her arms. I ran down to the kitchen to tell my mother what I'd done - I didn't know how to fix it. She told me all I could do was apologize, so I went back upstairs and said I was sorry. She nodded and we went back to playing.

I haven't thought of that in years, but it happened 20 years ago and apparently I haven't forgotten. I hope 20 years from now that boy remembers his fat comment and his face burns with shame like mine just did.

Ambre said...


I bet she bounced right back, in typical Em fashion. Did you tell T's mom what he said? Doesn't sound like a very Christian thing to do ;)