Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks, Em

What? Go away; leave me alone. I have no time for you people! I have brine to make and potatoes to peel, kids to pick up and a house to clean.

Thank goodness for Em, who shows a level of obsession with Governor Schwarzenegger matched only by my own and decided to email her uncle about it. Thank goodness for her uncle, who forwarded the email to me, knowing I'd love seeing it. Because now I can have my 10-year-old write my blog entry for me.
Ok maybe I'm over reacting but I mean it when I say, THE GOVERNER IS REALLY MEAN!!!!!!!! He hasn't replied and it been over a month. Mommy and I are both mad. We both think the governer stinks. Mommy sent him a nasty letter asking why he dosn't answer 10 year old girls e-mails. I think she is very brave. But he hasn't replied to her eaither (well maybe he dosn't want to respond to her letter because it was nasty) but that still dosn't excuse him from not sending anything to me. So to shorten up this e-mail I DON'T LIKE THAT GOVERNER.
Love you
(Somewhere my mother is rolling her eyes at the atrocious spelling. Trust me, Mom, I'm with you. But that aside, that kid cracks me up. Plus, she called me brave. My heart is now a smooshy warm puddle existing somewhere in the vicinity of my ankles.)

Take THAT, Ahnold. Don't mess with the Em.


Anonymous said...

Spelling doesn't count when it's this important and this wonderful.
Go EM! You just gotta love both your kids! (and I do:-) including their mother;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

I love you

po said...

That's awesome!! And now that she's let Uncle (I'm assuming that he was the uncle) in on it, Ahnold is really going to find himself in a world of hurt :D