Thursday, November 15, 2007


I can't stand anyone. Everyone is dumb. They have dumb thoughts and they do dumb things and they are big dummies. And not just whole people. There are plenty of dumb body parts out there, too. For instance, my legs. They are exceptionally dumb. They are so dumb they seem to think that if they just annoy me enough, I will set them free to do whatever restless-leggy thing they want to do. They are right, actually. If they do NOT STOP BUGGING ME, I'm just going to cut them off. See how far they get. It'll be easier than trying to find the time to DO something about them in between this doctor appointment for N and that speech therapy assessment for N and this deadline and that commitment and the FUCKING HOLIDAY--which in and of itself is actually one of my all-time favorites, since it's all about the cooking and I love the cooking--that starts on WEDNESDAY in our school district and continues until THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY. Hence the 'fucking' part of that previous sentence.

Why yes, I am premenstrual. Why do you ask? Why do you ask as you back away from me, hands held up in a protective gesture, trying to shield both your face and your genitals at the same time?

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