Thursday, November 8, 2007

God, I'm stupid

That coffee from TJ's? The decaf stuff that gave me a major caf reaction? Yeah. Not decaf. Not marked decaf. Absolutely NOTHING to make me think that it WAS decaf, except for the fact that it has a green lid. Which sometimes, in other places, means decaf. Except not at TJ's. At TJ's, decaf is bright orange. And I knew that.

So, um, I take it back. Sorry Trader Joe's. I still love you.

And if any of you have a spare brain lying around your house, and want to help out a woman in need...


Anonymous said...

Come to NY! That'll help you:-)


po said...

I agree with your mom :). It won't necessarily give you a brain (as I can attest to), but it sure would be nice to see you!

And I've totally done things like your coffee fiasco. Hate it, because then I have to hear Ross say, "Didn't you LOOK at the label??" Because, obviously, the answer is no! :p

Ambre said...


And Po, I hate men. Ed says things like that all the time, like if I just followed his advice live would be soooo much better!