Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Greatest Grate-ist

I helped make 175 potato latkes today for a pre-Chanukah Shop-n-Nosh event this Sunday at my temple. I was in charge of the potatoes (among other things). The food processor was broken, and so I had to HAND GRATE approximately 70 potatoes. And because I am an obsessive-compulsive, those 'tatoes were grated down to the nub, down to within an inch of their lives. Or half an inch, really.

So it's actually pretty impressive that it wasn't until the second-to-last potato that I grated off all the skin on my thumb joint, don't you think?

Still, perhaps I won't share that story with the hundred-plus people who will be eating those latkes on Sunday...

From potatoes to rice: If you aren't spending all of your free time here, you will be once you click that link. Especially if, like me, you really miss those SAT days. (Sadly, that's not even sarcastic. If all of life were about being book-smart and testing well, I'd be King of the World. Or Queen. Or something. But, until then, earning grains of rice for starving people will have to be my reward.)

While you're there, check out the link about the site's history of rice-earning. Pretty cool to see those numbers swell, no? Worth spreading the word about, methinks.


Maddy said...

Hand grate! Do you have any fingers / knuckles left?
BEst wishes

Leila said...

Ouch on the fingers and that rice site is the worst. It's been driving me batty for a few days now, because I can easily *get* to 50 but I can't stay there for long and that just kills me.

Hilary said...

Now I'm going to have to spread the pain of that rice site - it's addicting!

po said...

Add me in to new rice site addicts. At least it's time suckage for a good cause :p!

And knuckle crumbs can be an excellent seasoning to latkes :)! Ouchie and you rock for hand grating all those potatoes.

Green said...

My mom used to have that happen to her, until she gave me the job of grating. Maybe you could get a new food processor for cheap off CL or something.

I am really jealous of how involved you are in your temple. There are no temples near me - I'd have to go clear to the other side of the city, and I'm very horrible at figuring out how to get new places, and at public transportation, and at going by myself, in the dark, I'll stop now. I miss New York.