Monday, November 19, 2007

Like Hurts

I took this photo a few days ago, after N had written some messages to me on our well-used, impossible-to-clean, no-longer-anything-approaching-white white board.

Baroy, noticing these messages, made a side comment to me along the usual 'what am I, chopped liver?' lines. N overheard, and apparently decided to address the issue, so as not to make his Dad feel badly. "I wrote you a letter, too, Daddy!" he announced proudly just a few minutes later.


Meg said...

LOL (literally)! Poor Baroy. But as a mom, I have to say good for you.

Valle said...

Around here it's the opposite, I'm afraid (at least with Aidan). He wrote this thing for school: Phil (he calls us by our first names) gets me breakfast. Phil makes my lunch. Phil packs my backpack. Phil puts me on the bus.

And in fact, *I* do all those things! And how juvenile am I? I started to write a note in rebuttal of his little story, and was going to send it back in to the teacher!

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed (well, embarrassment at the realization that I cared what his teacher thought), and I let it drop.

Aidan is a daddy's boy all the way, and I'm a distant second. And I'm okay with that.

Really, I am.

Leila said...

Oh. Poor Baroy. I can't imagine how much something like that must hurt... actually, yes, I can.

The thing is.... at least in our house... sometimes it's me that's liked and not loved, sometimes it's dh. (Sometimes both of us are detested parents and I know they are plotting to escape to MIL or my mom's or best of all, my sister's).

Regardless, give Baroy a hug... I feel bad for him, but of course, good for you!

po said...

AHHHHH, laughing and feeling badly for B all at the same time!

Sometimes having mommy babies is exhausting, but sometimes it's a lift to the soul. And sometimes it's hilarious :D