Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taking It Out on the Governor

About a month ago, Em wrote a letter to the Governor of California. Oh, never mind my trying to explain it. Here's the email I just sent to Schwarzenegger's office:

A month ago, my 10-year-old daughter, all fired up with excitement over the idea of helping the environment by using compact fluorescent light bulbs, was told that the Governor was considering (or would be considering) an actual ban on incandescent bulbs. I gave her a full-out civics lecture on the subject, telling her that even though she wasn't of voting age, her opinion is important. So she spent an entire evening working on an email to the Governor, and sent it off. I've never seen her so excited about anything. She wrote, on a private blog she keeps, "I am so excited to get an e-mail back and I hope that this e-mail will efect if it actually becomes a law. I'm glad that I'm now part of the politcal process."

Except, of course, that she has not heard back from the Governor. I explained to her that, of course, Governor Schwarzenegger himself would probably not write her back, and warned her that she might only get an email from your office, thanking her for her time and her thoughts. But I truly believed that she would get SOME kind of response. I told her how important it was that she put her opinions out there, that kids are constituents, too. Except obviously I was lying to her without realizing it.

Ten is an awfully young age for a child to have to face the indifference of our government towards the people it supposedly serves, isn't it? Or maybe I'm just naive.


I figure, if I'm going to be cranky and hate the world, I might as well put it to some use, right?


Anonymous said...

Whoa! I didn't think I would ever ever actually say this....but I think it might be really good that I live in NY and you live in CA and that we couldn't live any further apart and still be in the same country if we tried:-)

Take some deep breaths, my eldest daughter and stop and smell some of the roses!

I do, however, love you, even in your present state or any state you might find yourself in.!


po said...

I know the last thing you need is another appointment to worry about, but, ummm, a trip to the OB/GYN to talk hormonal therapy might help. I'm going next week (after waiting since Aug. for an appt.)

You should not have to suffer so much, and DUDE, you're scaring your mom!

I love you, and I'm sorry your hormonally induced state has made people so incredibly dumb. Esp. Ahnold, and his peeps, who really are dumb.

Anonymous said...

Dang, that is some piss poor mood! Better have a nice glass of wine and some chit chat with some girlfriends. Then your mom won't be scared to be on the same coast LOL (Love TC's Mom!! Hi from Susanna and gang!)